Why use us

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Exclusively focused on Limited Companies

We only help Limited Companies, we don’t do personal debt like IVA’s at all.  This means our advisors are focused on the needs of Limited Companies, rather than spreading themselves too thinly.

A Unique Approach

One day anyone involved with Liquidation will do a ‘dry run’ of a Liquidation prior to the meeting of creditors, but in order for this to happen there will have to be some changes in the law to make sure it happens ethically.   We have been doing dry runs for Liquidation for the past 12 months, and this really helps reduces the problems that Directors suffer post Liquidation.

Unrivalled Experience

Eight years ago there was a mass exodus in with Insolvency agents towards Personal Insolvency, throughout this time we remained focused on Limited Company Insolvency.  We have spent that time developing our services to better help Directors of small businesses.

Exemplary Service

Let’s face it Insolvency Practitioners and Liquidation Agents have the reputation for poor service.  This is where we buck the trend.  We pride ourselves on the level of service we offer. We restrict the number of cases we take on every month, to ensure that each of our clients get’s the attention they deserve.

How can we help

Unlike other Liquidation Companies, our entire service is geared towards helping you as much as possible, without breaking the law .

Our clients find that they:
  • Have dealt with any issues prior to the meeting of creditors.
  • Have a headache free Liquidation.
  • Never need us again.
  • Can relax, safe in the knowledge we have everything covered.
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