Voluntary Liquidation – make a fresh start without the debt

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As the Director of a limited company, it is a relief to know that you are able to put your company into Voluntary Liquidation and make a fresh start, putting the past well and truly behind you.

Understanding the Voluntary Liquidation Process makes things a lot easier

With the right Liquidator, support and advice, Voluntary Insolvency can be an ideal way to close a company that has just got too much debt to carry on effectively.

The Liquidation process offers a way out of the problem.

To you as a Director, you can:

  • Start again after Voluntary Liquidation with a clean slate
  • Leave the mistakes of the old company with it
  • Buy the assets of the old company to use in a new company
  • Let unsecured debts died with the company

You may well feel that your business dreams are at an end. Yet it is much more likely to be just a blip in your life. Liquidation allows you to bring an Insolvent company to an end. It is really designed for you if:

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